Greetings from “Alia” fur company – a successful, rapidly growing company in Kyrgyzstan. The company was founded in 1994 and is a leading manufacturer of fur products in Kyrgyzstan. The working process in the company is based on the full technological cycle: from preparation of fur raw materials and fur currying to the realization of finished products wholesale and retail.

The main advantage of the company is environmentally friendly and high quality products! When harvesting skins we select only the best, high-grade, local raw materials: merino breed sheepskin, which is due to climatic, geographical and environmental conditions of sheep keeping, is an ideal raw material for the production of quality Mouton. The currying of fur sheepskin is performed by the most modern technologies, to give it gorgeous shades we use only the highest quality and safe dyes.

Years of experience of designers and masters of garment production allowed developing a unique style and achieving high quality of sewing fur products meeting modern requirements and standards of quality.

Our specialists are constantly improving their professionalism, visit exhibitions, seminars, follow the directions of the fur fashion and successfully embody creative ideas taking into account the wishes of our customers.

Finished products are a variety of men’s, women’s and children’s clothing for winter, spring and autumn. These luxury mouton coats and short coats, elegant fur coats, jackets, stylish jackets, cardigans and so on. A lot of models have decorative elements from fur of fox, mink, astrakhan fur, suede, as well as hand embroidery is used.

A special distinction and pride of our products are for children! Elegant, light, extremely warm coats for little fashionistas. Also, children’s hats with earflaps, jackets and fur slippers for the little ones – warm and comfortable fur booties.

A separate area of the company is the production of medical sheepskin! Only here you can find such a variety of natural, curative, environmentally friendly products. Warming belts, knee pads, elbow pads, head rests, cushions, slippers, mats for children and adults. For the little ones, we offer newborn wraps and skins of genuine medical sheepskin, preserved their unique beneficial properties. All products are manufactured under strict quality standards.

For those who loves and admirers ethnic style, “Alia” fur company represents a line of exclusive souvenir products in the national ethnic style. Each piece is handmade, unique and unrepeatable, having national color and originality of the Kyrgyz people.

Here you can buy original souvenirs and gifts, created by our talented craftsmen handmade. The range of souvenirs is constantly growing, so we have presented souvenirs for various occasions. If you desire to immerse into the culture and life of the inhabitants of Kyrgyzstan, we recommend buying carpets, cushions, decorative skins, toshok, prayer rugs, which carry the national colors and give warmth and comfort to your home, but will also be a good gift for friends and relatives.

A wide range of souvenirs in our stores helps solving the main problem of the present time, what to present the person who has everything. Therefore handmade gifts are valued: they are exclusive, unusual, and at the correct choice meet the tastes and interests of the recipient.
For your comfort sake we offer delivery of our products. Delivery service not only saves time, but also simplifies the process of buying.

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